Hello Administrator

This is your module Verhuur speaking:

Before taking off there have to been made some modifications.

Adding custom fields

  1. Login to your WebsiteBaker installation.
  2. Add a new page with page type "Verhuur".
  3. Go to the "Fields Settings" and add the customized fields you intend to collect the data.
  4. Select the field type and modify the field templates to fit your needs.
  5. Note that every field must have a unique field name. Allowed characters are a-z, A-Z, 0-9, . (dot), _ (underscore) and - (hyphen).
  6. Consider the displayed placeholders. You will need them later when adding the item templates.

Adding item templates

Create your own item templates using the generated and general placeholders:

  1. Go to the "Page Settings" and use the mentioned placeholders in your templates to view the items just the way you want.
  2. Replace this text by them HTML code of your template.
  3. [PLACEHOLDERS] are uppercase and enclosed by square brackets.
  4. For a list of more general placeholders to accomplish your template click the "Help"-button on top of the "Page Settings" page.
  5. Add an item or two, enter some data and have fun!

Fautras JMS

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